Spotemgottem Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Beatbox Lyrics, Instagram, Song, Tattoos, Real Name

Spotemgottem Net Worth


Spotemgottem was born in Pontiac, Jacksonville, Florida. He is famous for his music and is a trap rapper. SpotemGottem is renowned for Beatbox and freestyle rap. He is an American rapper and SpotemGottem net worth is about $600K.

He is an American rapper whose annual income is around $100K. He is famous for his 2020 single “Beatbox,” which peaked at 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. He has released three mixtapes.

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Rapper Spotemgottem Wiki

Real Name:KayNehemiah Lam Harden Flock
Country:United States
Born:October 19, 2001
Income:$100,000 (Annual)
Net Worth:$600k +
Date of Birth:October 19, 2001
Age:21 Yrs
Sexuality: Straight
Profession:Rapper, Songwriter
Sun Sign:Libra
Height:5 feet 6 inches, 1.68 meter
Weight: 55 kg, 121 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Tattoos:Many tattoos
Eye Color:Dark Brown

Spotemgottem Real Name

Nehemiah Lamar Harden is the real name of Spotemgottem.

Spotemgottem Age

Spotemgottrm is 21 years old.

Spotemgottem Height

Spotemgottem height is 5 feet 7 inches

Early Life of Spotemgottem

SpotemGottem was born on October 19, 2001, in Florida, United States, and raised in Jacksonville. He has always loved singing and rapping and decided to pursue a career in freestyle rapping.

He listened to rap music a lot as a child. His motivation to write original music grew with time. His inspiration comes from many rap artists. After thinking about these things, he launched his rap career in 2018 with the release of his debut single Street Gossip.

After dropping a single titled Beat Box, he became a breakthrough artist. Tiktok was one of the platforms on which the song went viral. A number of popular internet personalities used the song’s audio in short videos.

The song has been remixed by four prominent rappers including Pooh Shiesty, DaBaby, NLE Choppa, and Polo G. More than a hundred million streams have been earned by these remixes. Apart from these, he released two studio albums in 2020 and 2021. 

Spotemgottem Career

He began his musical career in 2018 with the release of “Street Gossip”. He put the song out at only 17 years old on both his YouTube channel and SoundCloud account. It quickly went viral due to its amazing freestyle singing skills. To date, the track has over 2.5 million views between both platforms.

After releasing his first song in January 2019, he quickly gained popularity and released his second song, “Thug Harmony.” He continued to produce content for his YouTube channel, releasing new pieces regularly.

On October 2, 2019, he released another single called “My Legacy,” which has amassed 3 million views thus far. His most famous song is “Beatbox,” which came out on April 21, 2020, and has racked up over 20 million views since.

Personal Life of Spotemgottem 

Spotemgottem’s father died in 2003 his mother is proud of his work. He is single and has a Dodge Charger which costs $30k He smokes most of the time and drinks alcohol. The star has been in a number of controversies in the past, including pointing a gun at a garage attendant at the Miami Marriott in July 2021, which led to police charges.

Likewise, he had been arrested in Florida in 2017 for stealing a vehicle and possessing a firearm. His favorite color is black. He enjoys traveling, dancing, and listening to music. Will Smith is his favorite actor, and Jennifer Lawrence, favorite actress. His favorite singer is Michael Jackson, and his favorite cricketer is AB DeVilliers.

His favorite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. His hobbies include driving and using social media (specifically Instagram). He enjoys Spanish food and loves dogs.

Spotemgopttem Beatbox Lyrics 

The Genre of this song is Hip-Hop/Rap. These song lyrics are written by Ijah Cheatham-Stoute, Nehemiah Harden, and Joseph Elisner. 

Artist: SpotemGottem

Released: 2020

Album: Beat Box

Featured artist: Young M.A

Spotemgopttem Beatbox Lyrics

Spotemgottem Instagram

He had his Instagram account but now the account page is not found.

Click here:

Spotemgottem Song

 His songs and release dates are given below

  1. Beat Box (Freestyle) 2020
  2. Beat Box 2 2020
  3. On A Tee 2021
  4. Beat Box 4   2021
  5. No Tik Tok      2021
  6. Got A Lil Older       2021
  7. Beat Box 3    2021
  8. No Strings Attached    2021
  9. SRT     2021
  10. Beat Box 5  2021
  11. Killers On They Shit    2021
  12. Vacant Freestyle 2021
  13. Sosa Flow    2021
  14. Attic   2020
  15. Get Backers   2022
  16. Federal    2021
  17. Freestyle  2021      
  18. Block Got Hot    2022
  19. Snake Venom   2021
  20. Unfortunate 2019
  21. Creep When I Step      2022
  22. Reminder  2021
  23. What They On     2021
  24. Choppa Love     2021
  25. Tooka         2020
  26. No Bodyguard      2020
  27. All in a Row  2021
  28. No Autotune 2020
  29. Retaliation 2020
  30. M.E.M 2 Jacksonville  2022
  31. Drill       2020
  32. Straight Facts      2020
  33. Street Gossip      2020
  34. Get Back Mode    2020
  35. My Problem$ 2019
  36. Blick-A-Thon   2020
  37. Foolery      2020
  38. Why    2020
  39. Big Ass Chain    2021
  40. Red Nose Pit    2021
  41. Beat Box 2021
  42. Don’t Get Hit 2022
  43. Spotty 2 Hotty 2021
  44. Mind Right   2021
  45. 556 (Green Tip) 2022
  46. Dragon City 2020
  47. Durkworld6 2021
  48. Who’s Next 2021
  49. Same Day 2020
  50. Colder 2021
  51. Creep 2021

Spotemgottem Tattoos

Spotemgottem has many tattoos. His body is filled with tattoos. People are saying that the teddy bear tattoo on Spotemgottem’s forehead makes him look like a baby.

Spotemgottem Memes

His fans create a lot of memes about him that are circulated all over the internet.

Spotemgottem Girlfriend

SpotemGottem is not in a relationship with anyone and is instead focusing on his music career. Although he has not been publicly seen with potential romantic interests, it is presumed that he is single. In the past, there is no evidence to suggest that SpotemGottem has been in a kind of committed relationship.

Spotemgottem Net Worth

SpotemGottem net worth is $600 k. His primary income source in his career is rapper, YouTuber, and songwriter. He has released many hit songs, “Beatbox”, “Tooka”, “Straight Facts”, and “Street Gossip“. His estimated annual income is $100,000.

He is a successful rapper who has already made a lot of money and does not need to rely on anyone financially. He can generate significant income from paid promotions on his YouTube channel and Instagram following. Although he doesn’t have an extensive collection of luxury cars, he does own a Ford worth $40,000.

Spotemgottem Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Q: How Old is Spotemgottem?

Ans: He is 20 years and October 19, 2001, is his date of birth.

Q: How Tall is Spotemgottem?

Ans: Spotemgottem height is 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m.

Q: Is Spotemgottem Alive?

Ans: Yes, rapper Spotemgottem is still alive.

Q: Who is SpotemGottem signed to?

Ans: Geffen Records, Interscope Records, Ingrooves.

Q: What is Spotemgottem net worth?

Ans: He signed to SpotemGottem net worth is $600k.

Q: What is Spotemgottem annual income?

Ans: His annual income is around $100K.

Q: What does spotemgottem do for a living?

Ans: He sang songs like “Beatbox”, “Tooka”, “Straight Facts”, and “Street Gossip”.

Q: What is Spotemgottem weight?

Ans: Spotemgottem weighs around 63 Kg or 138 pounds.