What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do in 2024?

Car Accident Lawyer


Car accident lawyers are prevalent in the United States, there may be more than 4 million a year in this country. Although most of these are avoidable, anyone should have a lawyer to represent them, since it is important to speed up all processes. In this article, you will have all the information necessary to know how to act in this type of context.

With a lawyer, we can solve many problems easily, and in a car accident, it is essential. After a crash, many vicissitudes can be overwhelming, and without proper experience, it can end up giving bad results. With the advice of car accident lawyers, we will be more than covered.

We also remind you that on this website you can search for any information about lawyers specializing in accidents, work accident lawyers, and store accident lawyers, among others.

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Our Car Accident Lawyers are at Your Service

At the Morgan & Morgan law firm, you can find the most specialized, fast, and attentive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since it is not known when specialized help will be needed. Having contact with a firm as prestigious as this gives us many advantages to get the best possible deal.

Turning to our support at the time of the accident will speed up the processes in a very convenient way for both parties. Additionally, for people looking for car accident lawyers near me, we have offices in several states. Here we offer the best treatment for residents in the United States, specializing in accidents, but also in car accidents of all types.

Things To Do After A Car Accident

Knowing our rights gives us many advantages to avoid misunderstandings at the time of a crash. Although it depends in most cases, if the accident is involuntary, it could have been avoided. Not declaring or making any deal with the other person until there is supervision by a lawyer is essential.

The sooner he or she must be informed of the facts and go to the place where the accident just occurred. Writing down the person’s information and exchanging the insurance policy, in addition to the license plate number, is essential to take action immediately and thus obtain the best results.

Also ask and talk to the people around you to find out if they saw the accident, as they can be vital for later. Also call paramedics or a road authority to confirm the fact, although this depends on the severity.

Make Your Free Consultation in Seconds

For many people, the main concern about hiring accident lawyers is the cost that this can generate. But at most law firms, including Morgan & Morgan, consultations are free and fast. Even for a lawyer from our firm to handle a case, whether large or small, it will be free of charge, since the payment method is coordinated after resolving the lawsuit or traffic accident treatment.

In this way, both parties benefit, and the lawyer charges a commission for the compensation paid thanks to his services. If the case were to be lost there would be no payment, although this is generally very rare, since if the lawsuit is taken to court and the lawyer agrees, it is because the chances of winning are very high.

Did you know that you must report a traffic accident? One piece of advice we give to all of our clients and anyone who drives is that when you are in a car accident, report the accident to the authorities. This way there will be a record of the event and it will be easier to track it. By not reporting an accident, countless cases come to nothing and many lawyers waste hours trying to collect the necessary data. To facilitate any operation of this type, it is vital to have done this step.

Here we are going to leave you some short tips at the time of an accident:

Stay on the Scene

This point is very important, stay in the place where the accident occurred and immediately call an accident lawyer. Also, if you can take photographs and videos this will be a great help. Many people decide to leave the scene of the accident out of fear, or because they do not know how to act correctly. For no reason leave the site.

Check That All Drivers and Passengers Are Okay

The first thing is health, regardless of which side it is, if there are more people in the vehicle, you must make sure that everyone is well and that the injuries are not very serious. Also, the person who caused the crash may have high-risk injuries.

Use the Seatbelt

It is the main helper for anyone who gets into a car to survive and reduce the risk of losing their life in an accident. According to the WHO, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death in front passengers by 45%-50% and in rear passengers by 75%. Furthermore, its use is mandatory in many places, if it is not used we can get a fine.

Call the Police

Calling the authorities on our part is essential, going to 911 so that the police can arrive at the scene and clarify many things. Additionally, if there are injured people with injuries, they will be able to assist and help with their transfer.

With the police we have a reliable witness of the events, this allows the lawyer to have a broader capacity in case the case goes from a frustrated negotiation to the courts. If the police were not there, the negotiation could be affected or even the trial could be very difficult to win.


Inform the Insurance Company

It is very common that in a small accident without much damage, both people communicate and exchange information with their insurance companies. In this way, repair costs can be eliminated and the process can be faster.

However, a great recommendation is to wait, call our insurance company, inform them of everything that happened, and wait for instructions. This process is much easier with a car accident attorney.

Keep Calm

The maximum guide in extreme situations, after the accident, must remain calm so as not to harm a future negotiation. No matter how much we are upset, we must remain calm and think with our heads, impulses, and instincts must go through a filter.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Negotiations for the damages caused can be done immediately, although this is not recommended since we can get a deal that will not be useful in the long run. We should not rush into the negotiation, it is best to do it through a lawyer.

This way we ensure that we cover all the necessary expenses that caused the accident and compensation for the negligence of the other driver. Furthermore, this is much safer and we can be more protected against a scam or jilting by the other person.

Property Damage Appraisal

To determine compensation or payments for collateral and physical damages, it is necessary to carry out a property damage appraisal. This can be carried out by a lawyer who knows about car accidents.

Injuries, car damage, and psychological damage, among others, all add up to a very rigorous lawsuit or negotiation. If we have the situation in our favor, the price can be 15 thousand dollars or more.

Types of Car Accidents

There are many types of car accidents, their causes in most cases are usually due to the negligence of the drivers and 90% of car accidents can be avoided. Car accident attorneys are responsible for determining the type and costs of compensation. The type and severity of the accident can greatly determine the negotiation or trial of the case.

Since this determines virtually all damage caused, the types of accidents that happen in Palm Beach County, Florida, are a clear example of this. We have determined the most common types of car accidents, in addition to determining how they can affect a case depending on the severity. Although many factors depend on this, it is important to know them even a little.

Motor Car Accidents

It refers to the impact of a two-wheeled vehicle with a motor known as a motorcycle or simply a motorcycle. It is the most common type of accident and is usually the one that causes the most damage to the driver.

Driving in this type of vehicle is very risky since they have almost no protection. In the United States, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor accidents are the most tragic, in 2019 5,014 motorcyclists died, and 30% lacked car insurance.

Highway Accidents

Also one of the most fatal due to the high speeds that are driven on this type of high-speed road. Wearing a seat belt and following highway rules can reduce the fatal risk of such an accident.

According to NHTSA, in the first three months of 2021, the accident rate was higher than estimated despite the lower number of cars in circulation. In total, there were 8,370 deaths and practically the entire year more than 33,500 accidents on all highways in the United States.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents

A common problem in the United States is that many drivers do not have car insurance or even life insurance. This is due to the high prices they require to pay the fees. If a driver has a crash and does not have current insurance, he or she may have severe fines, lose his or her driver’s license, and in the event of an accident, have to pay for all collateral damages and compensation agreed upon with car accident lawyers on their own.

Although there is no way to measure the number of drivers who lack automobile or life insurance, for many experts this number is high, taking into account the sample of motorcyclists that represents 30%, according to NHTSA this number would rise much more with car drivers.

Commercial Truck Accidents

This type of accident is very different than any accident involving cars. The restrictions and permits for moving heavy cargo and driving 10,001 and 26,001-pound trucks are very strict and difficult to obtain. A collision with a driver of these types of trucks can be fatal, the speed on the road and the weight of the vehicle make it a sure threat in case something goes wrong.

Finding accident lawyers who are experts in this area is vital to understanding everything in a more complete way. These commercial trucks are a great danger, if the driver is not in top condition they can be a great risk on any road. These trucks are huge, and with their 18 wheels, they represent a significant handicap for any driver. The number of commercial truck accidents on US roads has been increasing since 2017.

In 2019 NHTSA reported 5,005 deaths and 159,000 injuries, numbers that are overwhelming in states like New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming. For these accidents to occur, several situations can occur, such as the fatigue of a driver who is pushing his body to the limit to comply with the stipulated routes and miles. In addition to distractions, or being intoxicated, all of this is actionable with the help of car accident lawyers.

In fact, to reduce this risk as much as possible, drivers have specific requirements. Some of them are; road driving tests, brake evaluations, vehicle inspections, knowledge tests, skills tests, and certain licenses.

Drivers at Full Speed

Speed is one of the factors that can determine whether a car accident is fatal or serious. According to NHTSA data, speed was a 31% factor in fatal deaths in the United States. Additionally, speed determines the chances of surviving a car accident for pedestrians.

According to Autoinsurance.org, there is a 90% chance of overcoming an accident at a crash speed of 19 mph. The maximum speed for driving on interstate highways in the United States is usually 65-75 mph, on highways and roads 40-55 mph, in cities and urban areas 25-35 mph, and in areas near schools 15 mph. If these limits are exceeded the risk of serious injury and death increases considerably.

Distracted Driving

The likelihood of a crash increases if the driver is distracted and does not pay sufficient attention to changes in the road. This is especially harmful to pedestrians since they are more at risk of being hit if the driver is distracted, especially at intersections.

For this reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that all drivers stay focused and avoid distractions. These types of campaigns have helped reduce risk on the road, although it is still very risky.

Aggressive Driving Accidents

There is a type of accident that cannot be ruled out no matter how little it happens and this is intentional or aggressive. It happens when a driver intends to crash or run over and does so intentionally. If this is proven by some car accident lawyers, the driver can go to prison for attempted murder. In addition to paying for the damages caused, which can be very high.

Drunk Driving Accidents

It is one of the most common reasons for car accidents, with approximately one-third of fatal accidents in the United States involving drunk drivers. Furthermore, from 2010 to 2019, 10,000 people died due to alcohol. If a person drives in this state, they will be arrested immediately.

If she causes a traffic accident, she will be forced to pay compensation in large amounts of thousands or millions of dollars, even with the risk of going to jail for a long time depending on the accident. The fines for this fact are very high to prevent more people from doing it, in addition to all the awareness campaigns and other messages to avoid drunk drivers.

The objective to reduce this type of accident is very important since it is a very big risk that continues to be repeated. In the event of an accident of this type, you should search for “car accident lawyers near me” and begin the reporting process with the lawyer to expedite the process. These types of cases are very easy to win.

Accidents from Texting While Driving

A distraction method that is fined and can cause a fatal accident for both pedestrians and other drivers. When it comes to driving, it is necessary to be 100% focused on the road and the things that are happening around you, a distraction like this can be very expensive.

Bicycle, Pedestrian and Walking Accidents

People who ride bicycles can also file a claim if they are victims of a collision with another vehicle, just like pedestrians or walkers. This type of accident is common in the United States; in the last decade, the number of people hit by cars has increased by more than half (51%).

Here the fault can also lie with pedestrians or cyclists, either for not respecting their space or also for being distracted and not being aware of the traffic when making a movement.

Dangerous Roads and Highways

In the United States, there are extremely dangerous routes that represent a challenge for many drivers, especially in those areas that can become extreme due to the strong weather in winter.

Here the complexity of the accident is greater, since there are more factors to consider, car accident lawyers who know these areas can determine the necessary compensation. In these areas, both drivers must be very cautious, since the road is a very important factor that balances the balance.

Types of Vehicle Accidents in Texas

The state of Texas has very different terrain and dangerous areas for drivers, we mostly find commercial truck accidents, common car accidents like in any city, and also motor vehicle accidents. In these accidents, significant injuries occur and car accident attorneys then have to determine compensation for damages.

These are usually: spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, bone fractures, and crush injuries. For example, in the city of El Paso in Texas, the number of motorcycle accidents was among the highest in the entire United States in 2020. Partly due to excessive speed and turning recklessly without noticing other movements, are some of the reasons for this data.

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