YK Osiris Net Worth, Biography, Funeral, Age, Height, Lyrics, Songs, Debt, Son, Girlfriend, Instagram, Earrings, Meme, Wife

YK Osiris Net Worth


YK Osiris net worth is around $3 million. YK Osiris is a singer, songwriter, and rapper based in America who has gained popularity because of his amazing songs like ‘Worth It” and “Valentine”. His annual income is  $100,000. 

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YK Osiris Bio/Wiki

YK Osiris Real Name

Osiris Jahkail Williams is the real name of YK Osiris.

YK Osiris Age

YK Osiris is 24 years old.

YK Osiris Height

YK Osiris is about 5ft 9in tall.

YK Osiris Instagram

There are 3m Followers, 31 Following, and 25 Posts on  Instagram.

YK Osiris Earrings

YK Osiris purchased a pair of earrings for $325,000 and took to Instagram to announce a $60,000 reward for their return after he lost one of them.

YK Osiris Meme

There are a lot of memes people like YK Osiris Meme very much 

YK Osiris Wife 

He is not married or not but he is having one son whose name is Kingston.

YK Osiris Kids

YK has two children. The mother of his first-born son is unknown

Who is YK Osiris

YK Osiris is a rapper from Duval County, Florida. His voice has a slight Southern drawl mixed with hyperactive joy. Jacksonville, Florida, was his birthplace on September 7, 1998. His parents divorced when he was small, and his mother raised him and his seven siblings. Osiris Jahkail Williams is his full name.

Early Life Of YK Osiris

Osiris Jahkail Williams born on September 7, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida, was always interested in music. He found inspiration in old-school R&B artists like Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, and modern rap music. This inspired him to begin making his music which would eventually be loved.

Career Of YK Osiris

In 2017, YK released his first song titled ‘Fake Love,’ which became popular in a very short amount of time. Through his first release, YK displayed his talent and potential to excel. His songs accumulated more than 3 million plays on SoundCloud. Osiris started by posting his songs online.

His first single was titled ‘Fake Love,’ and he released it under the rap name Osiris. The song received views but not nearly enough to gain the attention of a rap label.  In January 2018, he changed his name to YK (Young King) Osiris and released ‘I’m Next Freestyle.’

This single went viral, gained millions of views on YouTube, and put the music industry on notice. Osiris would continue this momentum by releasing his breakthrough single ‘Valentine,’ which amassed over nine million streams.

Osiris is a popular American rapper and singer who has released many successful songs, “I’m Next,” “Valentine,” and “Worth It.” His song “Worth It” reached number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Due to his success, he has been able to collaborate with other big names in the music industry, Da baby and Kehlani.

Personal Life of YK Osiris

He began creating music of his own. Williams first uploaded songs under his real name, posting his song “Fake Love” in 2017 before using the moniker “YK Osiris” (YK stands for Young King) for future productions. YK Osiris’s favorite actor is Will Smith. His favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence. His favorite singer is Michael Jackson.

YK Osiris Funeral

After YK Osiris said that he would be donating money to cover the funeral expenses for a teenager who died after falling from the ride, people began to accuse the rapper of lying about his intentions.

In response, YK Osiris took to social media to explain that it is a little longer than expected to process. YK Osiris is in hot water with the family of Tyre Sampson, the 14-year-old. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. pledged to pay for the funeral of 11-year-old fan Tysen Benz, who killed himself after allegedly being bullied online.

Osiris Jaikaran, Benz’s older brother, took to social media to accuse Chark of lying about donating. Chark blocked their mother, Nekia Dodd, on Instagram after she reached out to him. Through IG stories, Osiris has responded to the accusations, denying he was untruthful.

YK Osiris Lyrics

Worth It YK Osiris Lyrics

” Worth It” is a song originally performed by YK Osiris. It was released by Universal Music Group and Def Jam Recordings on February 8, 2019.

YK Osiris Songs

Lil Baby YK is a rapper who has released many popular songs, “I’m Next,” “Valentine” and “Worth It.” His song “Worth It” was especially successful, reaching the 48th spot on the Hot Billboard chart.

The Golden Child · 2019 (Album):

1. Worth It (Remix) 

2. Shakira

3. Fake No Mo

4. Sexual

5. Ride (featuring Kehlani)

6. Mind Games (featuring Russ)

7. Change

8. Make Lovelude

9. Make Love

10. Exotic

11. Closer (featuring Jah Vinci)

12. Ballin

13. Everything You Do

14. Valentine

15. Worth It

Singles And EPs:

  • Valentine · 2018
  • Timing · 2018
  • Run It Up · 2018 
  • Ride 4 Me · 2018
  • Worth It · 2019
  • Freaky Dancer · 2019
  • Shakira · 2019
  • Ride · 2019
  • Set Me Free  · 2020
  • Think About Me (feat. YK Osiris) · 2020
  • Leave Me On Read · 2020
  • Money Keep Coming · 2020
  • Love U Down · 2021
  • Love Pains · 2021
  • This Christmas · 2021
  • BE MY GIRL · 2022

YK Osiris Debt

YK Osiris has $60,000 debt. Before his telltale, YK Osiris was a trending topic for owning multiple artists’ money Lil Baby and Drake. According to the outlet, the Toronto rapper to clear his $60,000 debt if he were to perform “Worth It.”

YK Osiris Son

As of 2022, YK has two children. Few details are known about his first-born son, including the identity of the child’s mother. His second-born child shares with Nastassia.

YK Osiris Girlfriend

R&B singer-songwriter YK Osiris was arrested on Monday (Nov. 4) and charged with felony aggravated assault by strangulation, after his girlfriend accused him of choking and biting her during his 21st birthday party on Sept. 7 DreamDoll (2019).

YK Osiris Net Worth

It is estimated that the net worth of YK Osiris is approximately $3 million. He is a singer, songwriter, and rapper based in America who has gained popularity due to ‘Worth It” and “Valentine”. His annual income is around $100,000.

YK Osiris Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Where is YK Osiris From?

Ans: He is from Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville.

Q: How Tall is YK Osiris?

Ans: YK Osiris is 5ft 9in (176 cm) tall.

Q: What is YK Osiris annual income?

Ans: He earns around $100,000 per year.

Q: What is YK Osiris age?

Ans: He is 23 years old.

Q: Who is YK Osiris?

Ans: YK Osiris is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from the United States.

Q: Does YK Osiris have a tattoo?

Ans:  His left arm bears the tattoo “Loyalty”

Q: What does YK mean Osiris?

Ans: YK stands for Young King.