Tay K Net Worth, Age, The Race Lyrics, Parents, Real Name, Birthday, Songs, Memes, Height

Tay K Net Worth

Who is Tay K?

He is a Professional Rapper from the United States. He is a rising star and a blameworthy murderer. He is also a member of the rap group named Daytona Boyz. Tay K Net Worth is about $2.5 Million.

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Tay K Quick Bio

NameTaymor Travon Mcintyre
Net Worth:$2.5 Million
Date of Birth:June 16, 2000
Birth Place:Long Beach, California
Relationship Status:Single
Age23 years old
Education:High School
Years active:2014-Present
Height:5 ft 7 inches (171 cm)
Hair Color:Black
Criminal status:incarnated in Bexar County Jail in San Antonio, Texas
Charges:Murder and Robbery
Penalty:55 years in jail
Profession:Rapper and Songwriter

Early Life of Tay K

Tay-K was born in Long Beach, California, on June 16, 2000. Kevin Beverly’s father, Kevin Beverly, was a member of the gang ‘Baby Insane Crip Gang’. His father was in prison and his mother was also a member of Baby Insane Crip. After being released from jail, his father moved with his family to Arlington, Texas, to provide them with a better environment and good lifestyle. Tay K also has a sister.

He attended Martin High School. He once confessed that his parents didn’t give him much support, so he had to take care of himself.

Tay K Birthday:

The birthdate of Tay K is 16 June 2000.

Tay K Age and Height:

The age of Tay K is 23 years old according to his birthdate as 2023 and his height is 5 Feet 7 inches.

Tay K Weight and Religion:

The weight of Tay K is 65 kg and his religion is Christian.

Tay K Nationality and Ethnicity:

Tay K nationality is American and his ethnicity is mixed.

Tay K Parents

His father named Kevin Beverley was imprisoned, person. He is from Compton, CA. His father was a member of the Baby Insane Crip Gang. His mother is also a member of this gang.

Professional Life of Tay K

He was very fond of music from a very early age. He was addicted to rapping. In 2014, he started his career with Daytona Boyz Group. They released their first song  ‘Drift’ on the website Soundcloud. For reaching a success point the group released numerous songs, including Pharmaceutical. 

Then after some years,  Tay K released his own SoundCloud account and wanted to release his first song by solo BIFF XANNEN’ in 2015. Tay K released unlimited singles on his account. He received 25 Million plays on SoundCloud. He released his single Megaman. The video of this song released on September 11, has 28 million views. The Remix of this song is also available.

Tay K The Race Lyrics

The Race is the most famous and viral song by Tay K . This song was released on 30 June 2017. This song’s Lyrics are:

I’m Lil Tay-K, I don’t think you want no action (gang, gang)

You want action, you get turned into past tense (in the past)

Are your boys deep? Well, let’s get to subtractin’ (boom, boom)

Smith & Wesson made my .9 with some compassion (skirt)

Tay K Songs

Tay K is a famous singer and rapper in America. His songs are hit and trending on social media. His songs attain millions of views and Like on YouTube. His famous songs are:

  • The Race
  • Lemonade
  • M…. She wrote
  • Saran Pack
  • Murder she wrote
  • Lay Low
  • Hard

Tay K Memes

Tay K memes are viral and famous on social networks. His famous memes are: 

  • Can’t wait for 2074
  • Lookin 4 a girl 2 takes to movies
  • You were on the same OPP SHIT

Tay K Net Worth

Tay K net worth is $2.5 Million. He is a famous rapper from the United States of America. He earned a lot of money throughout his career and lived a well-settled life with his family. He won many awards due to his performance and was selected for many nominators. 

Tay K Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Where is Tay K from?

Ans: The birthplace of Tay K is Long Beach, California.

Q. How old is Tay K?

Ans: The age of Tay K is 23 years old as of 2023.

Q. How tall is Tay K?

Ans: The height of Tay K is 5 Feet 7 inches.

Q. Is Tay K still alive?

Ans: Yes, Tay K is still alive.

Q. What is Tay K Net Worth?

Ans: The net worth of Tay K is $2.5 Million.

Q. Is Tay K Platinum?

Ans: Yes, he is a Platinum-selling artist.