Joey Luft Net Worth, Height, Age, Marriage, Wife, Children, Movies, Joey and Lorna Luft

Joey Luft Net Worth

Who is Joey Luft?

He is an actor known for his work on The Judy Garland Show, Great Performances, and The History Chicks. Joey Luft comes from the entertainment industry. He was born on March 29, 1955 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

His first name is Joseph Wiley Luft. Joey Luft Net Worth is about $ 3 Million. He is also well-known for being the child of Sidney Luft, Judy Garland’s third husband, and the tragically deceased actress. He is 67 years old.

He has two siblings. Liza Minelli, an older half-sister who works in the entertainment business, and Lorna Luft, a younger half-brother, are Joey’s siblings. He started his career in 1967. Additionally, he has made appearances in TV specials like Astro Royal, Great Performances, the Judy Garland Show, and others.

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Joey Luft Bio/Wiki:

Net Worth$3 Million
Real NameJoseph Wiley Luft
NicknameJoey Luft
Age67 years old
Birthday29 March 1955
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight75 Kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBald
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac SignAries

A Personal Life

Joey Luft Family:

His first name is Joseph Wiley Luft. He is an actor who appeared in: 

The Judy Garland Show (1963) 

Great Performances (1971)

The History Chicks (2011) 

He has two siblings, Liza Minelli and Lorna Luft. Judy Garland, a singer, was his mother. Due to his father’s behavior with his mother, he did not have an ideal or enjoyable childhood. His father separated from his mother later in 1963.

Joey Luft Girlfriend:

Joey Luft is a private person and has not revealed any information about his past relationships or girlfriend.

Joey Luft Wife:

The merit status of Joey Luft is kept secret. The identity of his wife remains unknown. Additionally, he typically remains silent when asked about his marriage during interviews.

Joey Luft Children:

We had no knowledge of his children, and several sources questioned whether he had three children, but the dispute had not been resolved.

Joey and Lorna Luft:

Joey has two siblings in the entertainment industry – Lorna Luft and Liza Minelli. Joey’s older half-sister, Liza Minelli, is also a well-known celebrity.

Joey Luft Birthday:

His date of birth is 29 March 1955 in  Los Angeles, California.

Joey Luft Age:

His age is 67 years old.

Joey Luft Height:

His height is 5 feet 7 inches.

Joey Luft Eye Color and Hair Color:

His eye color is brown and his hair color is bald.

Joey Luft Nationality and Religion:

He belongs to a Christian family and his nationality is American.

A Professional Life

Joey Luft Career:

When his parents divorced in 1963, the saddest year of his life, Joey Luft began his profession. He began his career as an actor before moving into the music business. I Could Go On Singing is what he sang.

Joey’s mental health was impacted by his mother’s distance and separation. When Joey’s mother died in 1969, he remained strong and concentrated on his work. He did, however, make a lot of documentaries in honor of his mother. That makes up a sizable portion of his net wealth. He and his father performed on The Judy Garland Show in the 1980s. 

Joey Luft Movies:

Joey Luft is no stranger to the stage or the screen, having appeared in various shows such as:

  • The Oscars
  •  Hollywood Celebrates Its Biggest Little Stars 
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic
  • The Judy Garlands Show

In 2014, Luft accomplished his multimedia show project, “A Judy Garland Concert With Joey Luft which only further cements his place as a talented and dedicated performer.

Joey Luft Net Worth:

Joey Luft is thought to have a $3 million net worth. His early career was where he made the most of his wealth. In addition, his mother had a significant role in his net worth. Basically, the entertainment sector is his only source of income.

Joey Luft Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Where is Joey Luft from?

Ans: He is from America.

2. Has Joey Luft ever married.?

Ans: Yes, he is married.

3. How tall is Joey Luft?

Ans: His height is 5 feet 7 inches.

4. How old is Joey Luft?

Ans: His age is 67 years old.

5. How much is Joey Luft net worth?

Ans: His net worth is about $3 Million.

6. Is Joey Luft alive?

Ans: Yes he is alive.