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Top Dog Movie


Top Dog Movie refers to the boss or the leader. It is also the favorite or one expected to win in a competition and is the opposite of the underdog. This may be a shorthand way to refer to a dominance hierarchy. The movie is directed by Julien Guetta and written by Lionel Dutemple, Julien Guetta, and Jean-Paul Rouve.

Antoine and Christian have been estranged for a long time, and couldn’t be more distinct persons. Whereas Antoine is married with kids and works as a famous boat operator, his brother Is a playfully pervasive roamer enamored by bar disputes. Though when Antoine sally forth on debauched deportment, Christian is face-saving Fending backed family they ate not nearly reunion. 

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Outstanding and unpredictable connive to tour proceed froth defend the formerly isolated duo. The film, “Top Dog,” featuring Hollywood’s easy-going action star Chuck Norris, it’s actually an intelligent French herding dog called Reno. Although referred to throughout the movie as a “mutt”, who grabs the spotlight. The router is designated to be Norris’ police companion.

Top Dog Synopsis

An odd couple is formed when two worlds collide after a mysterious disappearance – Emily the lawyer and Teddy the recently released convict.

Top Dog Cast & Crew:

Movie nameTop Dogs
Directed byJulien Guetta
Written byLionel Dutemple, Julien Guetta, Jean-Paul Rouve
Cinematography byPhilippe Guilbert
Film Editing bySamuel Fassi
Casting byTatiana Vialle
Production Design byMarianne Rapegno
Art Direction byFrederic Grandclere
Costume Design byAlexia Crisp-Jone
Director of photographyMarc Didier
Assistant Costume DesignerPauline Juille
Makeup ArtistAurelie Cerveau
Boom Operating byDorian Racine

Top Dog Casts

Gregoire LudigAs Antoine Dagostino
Jean-Paul RouveAs Christian Dagostino
Michel BlancAs Jean-Pierre Deloup
Marie GillainAs Alexandra
Aurore BroutinAs Madeleine
Niels Hamel-BrochenAs Leo Agostino
Roman AngelAs Yann Agostino
Raul FokouaAs Le Cure
Marie BertoAs Armelle
Kelian MarechauxAs Kevin

Top Dog Producers:

ProducersMaxime Delauney, Lionel Dutemple, Benjamin Morgaine, Romain Rousseau, Mathieu Ageron

Top Dog Released Date:

France24 August 2022 (Angouleme Francophone Film Festival)
Canada3 November 2022
France12 December 2022 (Les Arcs European Film Festival)
France11 January 2023
FranceTop Dogs (Coming soon)

Top Dog Budget & Revenue:

Top Dogs movie budget and revenue or office box are not available yet. But the public showed positive feedback and reviews about this movie. The running time of this movie is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Watch the Top Dog Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

Top Dogs movie is available in all theaters in France and other countries. The Top Dog theater release date of this movie is 24 August 2022 at the Angouleme Francophone Film Festival. Live streaming of this movie on Vudu, Hulu, Apple tv, and Google Play stores. This movie is not available on Netflix. 

Top Dog Trailer:

The first trailer of Top Dogs was released on the jour2Fete Distribution youtube channel. The running time of this trailer is 1 minute and 46 seconds and gained about 30k views.

Top Dogs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Top Dog a movie based on a true story?

Ans: It is the incredible, true story of K-9 Marine hero Lucca and her handlers who fought alongside her through two bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, written by the bestselling author of Secret Service Dogs and Soldier Dogs.

Q. Who won Top Dog Season 1?

Ans: Bear (winner)

Q. What was the dog’s name in Top Dog?

Ans: Norris’ character, Jake Wilder, is partnered with Reno, a police dog whose handler was killed in the film.

Q. What kind of dog is in the Top Dog movie?

Ans: Briard

Q. Does Ferguson end up in the Top Dog movie?

Ans: As a result of this new move, Joan gains the support and fear of the prison inmates, electing her as the new top dog. Joan begins by supplying drugs to the women, including Bea’s girlfriend Allie, who is actually attempting to use the drugs to hotshot Joan and force her to back down.

Q. Who wrote Top Dog Movie?

Ans: The movie story was written by Lionel Dutemple, Julien Guetta, and Jean-Paul Rouve.

Q. How long is Top Dog?

Ans: 1 hour and 25 minutes

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