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The Lair Movie


The Lair is an American-themed vampire television series produced in 2007. The first season comprised six episodes and enfolded production in January 2007. The premiere of the first two episodes was released on June 1, 2007.

The Lair Movie Season 2 contributed nine episodes and debuted on September 5, 2008, while Season 3 has 13 episodes, and was announced in September 2008. The premier of season 3 was released on 4 September 2009.

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Season 1

Thom, a reporter for the local paper, is investigating a string of murders of young men, known as the “John Doe murders”. He discovers that the murders are being committed by a coven of vampires led by Damian.

He is drawn to Thom because Thom is the double of the man who turned Damian into a vampire two centuries earlier. Colin, Damian’s lieutenant, schemes to kill Thom and take over The Lair.

Local lawman Sheriff Trout, also investigating the murders, finds his way to The Lair. A shootout ensues in which Damian human henchman Frankie is killed.

Season 2 

As Sheriff Trout recovers from his gunshot wounds, he takes in Ian, a new arrival on the island who is pursued by a mysterious mainlander. Damian contacts Thom and convinces him to recover Damian’s body and restore him.

Frankie haunts Colin, warning of his impending death. Intrigue blooms in the form of the Lumina Orchis, a flower that only blooms in the moonlight and which casts a strange fascination over local botanist Jake to the dismay of his assistant Tim.

By the end of the season, Jake, Laura, Jonathan, and the mysterious mainlander are all dead, Colin is destroyed, and Thom is living at The Lair.

Season 3

Thom struggles to adjust to life as the only human at The Lair, Colin enthralls Richie from beyond the grave to restore Colin, who schemes to establish a club to rival The Lair.

Damian is contacted by the reclusive Frau von Hess, who has plans for him and the island, Sheriff Trout, missing the now-fugitive Ian, recalls another young man from his past, and a new arrival to the island is Athan, an antiquities expert who harbors within him the spirit of a male Gorgan.

The Lair Synopsis

As Lt. Kate Sinclair is shot down over Afghanistan, she finds shelter in an abandoned bunker where deadly biological weapons, half human, half alien, have been awakened.

The Lair  Cast & Crew:

Movie nameThe Lair
Directed by Neil Marshall
WritersCharlotte KirkNeil Marshall
Music byChristopher Drake
CinematographyLuke Bryant
Film Editing byNeil Marshall
Casting byJeremy Zimmermann
Production Design byMonika Esztan
Makeup DepartmentNora KoltaiAttila Vegh

The Lair Movie Casts:

Charlotte KirkAs Capt. Kate Sinclair
Jonathan HowardAs Sgt. Tom Hook
Jamie BamberAs Major Roy Finch
Leon OckendenAs Sgt. Oswald Jones
Troy AlexanderAs Trooper Dave Bromhead
Harry TaurasiAs Trooper Vince Hughes
Mark StephenAs Corp. Kip Wilks
Hadi KhanjanpourAs Kabir Abdul Rahimi
Kibong TanjiAs Corp. Jade Lafayette
Mark ArendsAs  Pvt. Dwayne Everett

The Lair Movie Producers:

ProducersDaniel-Konrad Cooper
Co-ProducersKwesi Dickson, Daniel Kresmery
Executive ProducersSamantha Allwinton, Reinhard Besser, Arianne Fraser
Co-Executive ProducersPaul W.Hazen
Line ProducerVirag  Varga

The Lair Released Date:

UK25 August 2022
Canada20 October 2022
India28 October 2022
USA28 October 2022
Spain20 November 2022
Russia24 November 2022
Egypt8 December 2022
Thailand8 December 2022
Kuwait22 December 2022
France13 January 2023

The Lair  Budget & Revenue:

The total Budget of The Lair Movie is $66,980 and the Revenue is also $66,980.

The Lair Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The Lair series has 3 seasons, Season 1 has 8 episodes while season 2 has 12 episodes. The run time of the episode is about 45 minutes. Season 3 is continued. The runtime of The Lair movie is 1 hour and 37 minutes. 

The Lair  Watch the Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

The Lair full movie is available in all theaters in the United States. The Lair theater release date was 25 August   2022.  You can also purchase this movie from Google Play and iTunes.

You can see it on live streaming apps on TV devices. This film is also available on HBO max and people can also see HD movies by searching The Liar Netflix. There are also other platforms:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Google Play
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos

The Lair Trailer:

The Lair trailer was released  3 months ago on the Movies trailers source youtube channel and gained 550k views and 4k likes. This trailer’s runtime is 1 minute and 40 seconds.

The Lair Trailer
The Lair  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q.  Who is the producer of The Lair Movie?

Ans: Neil Marshall.

Q. Who is the director of The Lair Movie?

Ans: Daniel-Konrad Cooper.

Q. How i can see The Lair?

Ans: You, can see The Lair on Netflix, Hulu,  HBO max, Apple tv, and Amazon Prime Videos.

Q. Is The Lair a good movie?

Ans: The Lair is a satisfying creature feature even though it falls short of Marshall’s finest work. It realizes it’s thoughtless entertainment. While it won’t remain in your mind like the movies that inspired it, this is amusing while it lasts. And on occasion, it is all you require.

Q. How long is The Lair?

Ans: The runtime of The Lair is 1 hour 37 minutes.

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