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Savage Salvation Trailer


Savage Salvation is an American thriller film directed by Randell Emmett. The film is also titled  Wash Me in the River. The story was written by Adam Taylor Barker. The producers include Randell Emmett, George Furla, Tim Sullivan, Chad A. Verdi, Shaun Sanghani, and Joel Cohen. The runtime of Savage Salvation trailer is about 3 minutes.

Sheriff Church (Robert De Niro) and Detective Zeppelin tried to implement the justice rules in their rough town. Jack Huston whose goal is to stop the opioid epidemic that demolishes his town by killing those engages in the syndicate.

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After experiencing the heartbreak of his fiancé’s death from a heroin overdose. The reformed addict turns the town into a war zone in order to take down the dealers who supplied the drugs that killed her. With the help of a sympathetic sheriff, the addicts try to clean up the town and bring the dealers to justice.  

Savage Salvation Cast & Crew

Movie NameSavage Salvation
Written by Adam Taylor Barker, Chris Sivertson
Cinematography by Eric Koretz
Music byPhilip Klein
Film Editing byEric Freidenberg, Colby Parker Jr.
Casting by Sheila Kaffe, Bryan Riley
Directing by Randell Emmet
Costume Design byColin Wilkes
Makeup ArtisitCarla White
Foley ArtistJared O’ Brien
Art Design byLamoh Hicks
Production Design byTravis Zariwny, Lamoh Hicks
Set Design byMelanie Rein
Director of PhotographyDave Anglin


Robert De Niro
Jack Huston
Meadow Williams
Willa Fitzgerald
Swen Temmel
Winter Ave Zoli
Katalina Viteri
Dale Dicky
Macy Kyla Weathersby


Producer Joel Cohen, George Furla, Randall Emmett
Co ProducerAlana Crow, Bobby Ranghelov , Bernie Gewissler
Executive ProducerJeff Beacher, Martin J. Barab, J.J. Caruth
Line Producer Bernie Gewissler

Released Date

USA 2 December 2022
Russia6 December 2022
Germany8 December 2022
United Arab Emirates29 December 2022
Egypt 29 December 2022
Germany8 December 2022 (DVD)
Indonesia1 January 2023
South Africa13 Januray 2023
Spain13 January 2023
South Korea26 January 2023 (Limited)
Canada28 February (Limited) DVD Priemiere

Budget & Revenue

The Movie Budget is $11,614 and its revenue is $35 Million.

Savage Salvation Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time

The season 1 runtime is 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Watch the Full Movie Savage Salvation in Theater & Live Stream

Savage Salvation full movie available in all theaters in the United States. Savage Salvation theater release date was 2 December 2022.  You can also purchase this movie from Google Play and iTunes.

You can see it on live streaming apps on TV devices and this film is also available on HBO max. There are also other platforms:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Google Play
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos

You also search Savage Salvation Netflix. It is the best platform to see or enjoy the movies. As of  2023, Netflix has 240 Million subscribers on worldwide, including 85.3 Million in the United States and Canada.

Savage Salvation Trailer:

Savage Salvation trailer was released 2 months ago on many youtube channels and this trailer gained 168k views and about 79k likes. The runtime of the trailer is 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

Savage Salvation Trailer
Savage Salvation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. When Savage Salvation was released?

Ans: Savage Salvation was released on 2 December 2022.

Q. How I can watch Savage Salvation trailer?

Ans: You, see this movie on Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and iTunes.

Q. Who is the writer of Savage Salvation movie?

Ans: Adam Taylor Barker, and Chris Sivertson are writers of Savage Salvation

Q. Who is the director of Savage Salvation?

Ans: Randell Emmet.

Q. Who is the villain of Savage Salvation?

Ans: Coyote.

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