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Familia Movie


Familia is a Japanese movie. Familia movie is directed by Izuru Narushima and written by Kiyotaka Inagaki. Seiji Kamiya (Koji Yakusho) lives alone in a mountain village. He visits his father and tells him he is quitting his job. He wants to work as a pottery craftsman like his father, but Seiji Kamiya opposes the idea. 

Gaku Kamiya comes to Japan with Nadia and his fiance Nadia. Marcos (Lucas Sagae) is a Brazilian living in Japan. Marcos was once chased by a criminal gang before Seiji Kamiya helped him. Marcos sees a lot of his late father in Seiji Kamiya, which makes him like making pottery. A tragedy befalls Gaku Kamiya and his fiance Nadia in Algeria.

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Familia Synopsis

A pottery artifice, Seiji Kamiya (Koji Yakusho) is employed in a remote mountaineering district where he lives on his own. A technical expert is employed by an extensive outfit located in Algeria, where Seiji’s son, Gaku Kamiya (Ryo Yoshizawa), is on the payroll. While visiting his pops with Nadia, Gaku informs him of his decision to resign from his profession.

Familia Cast & Crew

Movie nameFamilia
Directed byIzuru Narushima 
Written byKiyotaka Inagaki
Cinematography byJunichi Fujisawa
Music byGoro Yasukawa
Film Editing byAi Sanjo, Hirohide Abe
Art Direction byShin Nakayama
Official siteJapan

Familia Casts:

Koji YakushoAs  Seiji
Ryo YoshizawaAs Satoru
Lucas SagaeAs Marukosu 
Fadile WakedAs Eri
Yutaka MatsushigeAs Aoki 
MiyaviAs Enomoto Kaito
Koichi SatoAs Komada Takashi
Aran ShimadaOriginal name
Gustavo SumidaOriginal name

Familia  Producer:

ProducerTomoo Ito

Familia Released Date:

The release date of Familia is 6 January 2023 and will be available in all theaters in different countries. 

Familia Budget & Revenue:

The budget and revenue or office box are not available on social networks. Because it is a new movie and people show positive feedback about this movie.

Familia Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The run time of Familia is 2 hours and 1 minute.

Watch the Familia Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

Familia movie is available in all theaters in Japan and other countries. The release date of this movie is 6 January 2023 in Japan. Live stream of this movie will available on Vudu, Hulu, Apple tv, Microsoft stores, and HBO max. This movie is not present on Netflix.

Familia Trailer:

Familia movie first trailer was released on the Far East Films youtube channel. The running time of this trailer is 1 minute and 19 seconds and it gained 1.7k views.

Familia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the director of the Familia movie?

Ans: The director of the Familia movie is Izuru Narushima.

Q. Who wrote the Familia movie?

Ans: The movie was written by Kiyotaka Inagaki.

Q. What is the release date of the Familia movie?

Ans: The familia movie release date was 6 January 2023.

Q. How long is the Familia movie?

Ans: The movie runtime is 2 hours and one minute.

Q. Is the Familia movie present on Netflix?

Ans: No, it is not present on Netflix. The movie lives streaming is present on Vudu, Hulu, Apple tv, Microsoft stores, and HBO max.

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